About the Authors

The Green Value tool originated from research by Dr. Shoana Humphries and Dr. Thomas Holmes that began in 2006 in Brazil.  Shoana was working on her PhD at the University of Florida and Tom was working as a Research Economist with the US Forest Service Southern Research Station.  They decided to investigate whether community forestry pilot projects in the Brazilian Amazon would be financially viable when funding from the government's ProManejo project ended and the projects had to become largely self-sufficient.  In 2007 they began working with two pilot projects and used a participatory research method in which, after a brief introduction to financial analysis, the staff participated in the collection and analysis of the financial data for each case.  The results were published in an article, and Tom and Shoana decided to turn the research methodology they had developed into a financial tool or program that would be useful for others.  The spreadsheets that were used to collect and analyze information on costs and income with the pilot project staff became the starting point for the Green Value tool. From 2008 to 2012, Shoana and Tom worked on expanding the spreadsheets and preparing a User's Guide.  They also tested the materials with a group of community forestry professionals in Brasilia in 2010.  Funding for the research and the early work on the Green Value tool came from the US Forest Service's Office of International Programs and the US Agency for International Development's Brazil Program.

In 2012, the Earth Innovation Institute launched the Strengthening Community-based Forest Enterprises in the Tropics project with funding from the same agencies.  Shoana and Tom continue to collaborate on developing the Green Value tool, and in 2015 the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan's (INBAR) Latin American and Caribbean Office also contributed to creating the Green Value Facilitator's Kit.  Important contributions to the Green Value tool have also come from partner organizations who have helped organize and run workshops, as well as the many people who have been trained in the workshops.